The mobile payment terminal solution

The payment terminal solution

An essential device for merchants, the electronic payment terminal or Eftpos terminal is a machine that allows the recording of credit card data to carry out a financial transaction. Thus, this tool offers security when paying by credit card.

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Tpe Izettle Sumup

What is a payment terminal?

A payment terminal, also called: CB reader, credit card terminal, has as its main function the collection of payments by credit card. It is a material object that consists of a screen, a plastic case, a keyboard and finally a card reader.

Payment by Eftpos terminals is a process that consists in putting the merchant and his customer in contact with the banking institution and the merchant on the one hand and on the other hand. The machine records the various customer transactions and transfers them to a server that will forward the money to the merchant’s bank account in a secure manner.

A payment terminal can be fixed or mobile.

The fixed payment terminal

As its name suggests, it is a tool that cannot be moved. For this purpose, it is always connected to an electrical outlet. It is mainly used for cash receipts at the counter. It is often connected to a cash register. A keyboard can make it easier for the customer to enter the code.

The mobile payment terminal

Wireless, it works using infrared, Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth. For payments that will not be made at the cash register, it is the ideal tool. It consists of a fixed base for charging and a portable case. This tool allows a great autonomy of movement, it is therefore perfect for nomadic traders. And some models can be taken anywhere, thanks to a GPRS connection.

What are the advantages of using it?

There are many advantages to the payment terminal:

  • secure payment, no more bad checks or counterfeit bills;
  • time saving, faster payment method;
  • flexibility and mobility, very useful for mobile entrepreneurs;
  • the simplification of commercial management;
  • and the ease of accounting;
  • etc.

The payment terminal: for which activities?

The use of a payment terminal benefits almost all professional sectors of activity:

  • stores and boutiques that perform sedentary activities such as beauty salons, clothing stores, bakeries, pharmacies, etc..;
  • restaurants, bars, cafés, a mobile VSE is the most suitable in this case;
  • the liberal professions, or the health professions. A fixed POS terminal for doctors working in a practice, while a portable POS terminal is more appropriate for home services;
  • transport professionals: taxi drivers for example;
    craftsmen: locksmiths, plumbers, electricians or even home hairdressers;
  • associations can also use the payment terminal to collect donations at galas and other events.

For merchants wishing to acquire a payment terminal, it will first be necessary to conclude a bank domiciliation contract with a banking institution in order to receive payments via a POS terminal.